Testimony Tuesday~ Sharing My Testimony a Little at a Time

Each week, I will be sharing a little bit of my testimony. If you missed the first week, be sure to read it HERE.


My entire life until I left for college was controlled for me by my father. I was never given the opportunity to make my own choices. He picked out what classes I took in middle school and high school. He told me what clothes I had to wear and what I could not wear (and this went beyond the typical boundaries parents give their kids for clothing.) I was told what friends I could have at school. He even picked out my first vehicle even though I was paying for it myself.

Anything less than perfection was not acceptable. I had to be properly behaved. I had to get A’s in school (B’s were not acceptable and I was punished for them.) I had to keep the house clean. I had to practice my violin for hours. I had to babysit on demand. Once I was old enough, I had to get a job and start paying for my own things. The list goes on and on and on. Mistakes were not okay and they were certainly never forgiven.

I went off to college just a few months after turning 18, vowing to only return for visits. Because I was finally out from under my father’s control and I was on my own I was able to make my own decisions for the first time and I went on a little rebellious streak. After all the years of being controlled and being told what to do and what was expected of me, I did not know what to do with myself or how to act. I didn’t know how to make my own decisions or how to live and function in the real world. So as a freshman in college, away from home and having my first taste of freedom, I went a little wild; partying, drinking, a few minor drugs, a few different men, and cutting class a lot.
Again, without God’s hand in my life, I don’t think I would have survived those years.

Around my 3rd year of college I finally had all the wildness out of me and I was starting to get my head back on my shoulders and I was ready to take responsibility for myself. This is about the time Jon entered my life.

I met Jon through my college roommate’s boyfriend. The two boys had been great friends since early middle school. I had known my roommate and her boyfriend an entire year before Jon entered into my life. A year. A lot happened within that year that changed me and I wonder what things would have been like if I had known Jon from the beginning. But, everything happens in God’s timing and He wanted me to wait a year.

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