The Making of a Princess

This weekend I had the opportunity to treat my daughter like a princess. We celebrated her half birthday by having a few of her friends over for a Princess Tea Party.

My fabulously, wonderful best friend offered her home (since ours is in packing and moving chaos) and helped with a lot of the planning and the work.

Dakota requested princesses, pink, purple and more pink.

There were fun little fruit cups and pumpkin bread shaped into flowers and castles.

Let us not forget the cupcakes.

The girls were super excited that they were able to use real tea cups and plates.

Dakota picked the place setting with the pink plate….of course.

As my daughter and her friends enjoyed eating their sandwiches, sipping their tea and playing beautiful princesses, I recalled how my daughter had twirled around in her new princess dress and told me how beautiful she looked.

I got to thinking about how every time she put on a beautiful dress or something “pretty” she claimed herself beautiful. Yet, I have never heard her exclaim that when she is just in her everyday clothes. I realized that I need to do a better job of reminding her that she is always beautiful. She does not need to put on an elegant dress or a pretty hairband in order to be beautiful.

My daughter is always beautiful. 

She is made in His image.

Because she is God’s princess, she is and always will be beautiful.
Even when she acts silly.

It is my job to make sure that she remembers

You are altogether beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you.
~Song of Songs 4:7~


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